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Muslimah yang solehah itu umpama ANGIN yang lalu, mereka hadir tanpa disedari, tetapi kehadiran mereka itu mendamaikan hati

15 April 2012

Please answer me...

Why do you upload your photos to face book? Is i...t to get comments? comments from others as “ wow”, “beautiful”, “you are like an angel”.

Ok now tell me what do you get by these comments?


Ok how long will that pleasure last for?

Maximum for 2, 3 days… or may be at each time you read them. But how much is that pleasure when compared to the pleasure we have been promised in Jannah?

Ok now answer me for this…

Would you like if your husband/boy admires another girl?

"No" right? Then why do you give yourself to be admired by someone else’s husband/boy?

How unfair!! Won’t the other girls too prefer the same from their husband/boy?

And brothers now please answer this..

Would you be pleased if someone else admires your wife/girl?

Then how fair is that you admire the wife/girl of someone else?

And comment that “you are beautiful” and so on….

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